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Thank you for selecting StoryBook Homes to fulfill your prospective purchaser's needs.

A commission will be paid to the Real Estate Agent/Broker only when the transaction is closed, deed is delivered, and consideration is paid providing all guidelines are met:

  • The Real Estate Agent/Broker must accompany the prospect on the prospect's first visit to the community. At that time, both the prospect and the Real Estate Agent/Broker must be registered with the StoryBook Homes Sales Consultant.
  • The Real Estate Agent/Broker is protected against a direct sale by StoryBook Homes at this community for 30 days.
  • After 30 days, provided the prospect has not entered into a binding contract for the purchase of a home with StoryBook Homes, the Broker-Builder relationship must be reestablished in writing by re-registering the prospect.
  • All sales shall be prepared using StoryBook Homes Forms and preapproved with a StoryBook Homes Preferred Lender.

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*This is not a blanket registration for all StoryBook Homes Communities. The Real Estate Agent/Broker must accompany and register your prospective purchaser at the StoryBook Homes sales office in each community they may be considering. By providing contact information you are authorizing that StoryBook Homes may contact you by phone, fax, email or mail.